Distinguishing sounds

Life is a sequence of tones: light and dark, high and low; an increasingly harmonious and intimate melody that leaves an echo: my personal contribution, which enriches and accompanies people, which unites the sounds of the world.

Thanks to a friend I discovered the violin maker Martin Schleske, who understands his work in this figurative sense. When he takes a piece of wood in his hands, he explores its sound to create something new in the proces of making instruments he is commissioned to do.

It is the wood that grows on the border of the Alpine forests that he uses, that has developed the best fibers: the harsh conditions are not an obstacle for developing the suitability of a unique violin; on the contrary, the trees that are grown down in the valleys, in more favorable conditions, do not offer wood with any special sound.

Martin Schleske has followed his own path, not always easy. Musician, violin maker, physicist and acoustician, he uses very different methods to create the right instrument for each musician, to obtain the most complete and unique sound from each instrument. He sees himself as a painter, craftsman, acoustician, artist, beautician. This is how he has become a master of his field, to which musicians from all over the world come to ask for a voice and to ignite a fire of sounds in their public, in their philharmonic orchestra.

Musician, violin, violin maker. Coachee, becoming a catalyst. “What’s the use of coaching?” He wonders sometimes. The answer comes to him unstoppable: among the abundance of noises, sounds and tones, it makes it easier for the person to hear his own melody, his voice, and to appreciate and strengthen his unique sound. Development and change is a process that takes time. Relating to yourself requires courage. However touching defeat and pain without being alone opens a new perspective. The help of a coach next door is priceless.

To have someone who offers me his time and listens to me without judging my person, my actions, my surroundings, or my path; someone who accompanies me without applying a theory; someone who knows how I have lived; someone who makes it easier for me to express what I intuitively perceive and cannot verbalize; someone who is by my side also in times of overwhelm or blindness reminding me of my strengths and how to overcome my weaknesses; someone who is there – sometimes closer, sometimes further away – when I discover the diversity and richness of my personality …

Martin Schleske’s videos, especially his bestseller, The Sound: On the Unheard of Meaning of Life, open up new horizons: it allows you to discover a deeper dimension of your own history, conquer the possibilities of the present and transform the new future.

Life is made of noises, sounds, tones, also of the melody itself: kaleidoscopic realities and forms that are acquired over time, which crystallize – usually in a surprising way – when I enter into deep unity with my innermost being. No wood is perfect. Life is not a one-way street. A new and unique sound emerges: a love story, a YES for me as a person.

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