Number 1: confusion and dilemma that it generates

If you don’t look for more than one solution, you end up disabled → The first alternative is not the only solution.    I present a classic writing that concludes with the moral: “Don’t complicate your work! Conceive the simplest solution to the PROBLEM. Learn to focus on SOLUTIONS and not on PROBLEMS. “ The question is deeper: if you don’t look for more than one solution, … Read more

Freedom: about what demands and the courage to change

A 16-year-old philosopher sticks her finger in the wound: What does it mean that we are afraid of change? She watches, reads seemingly insignificant things like her PC keyboard, and asks questions that any person should be asking. Precisely because it is HUMAN, unique and inimitable …   Why do we want freedom? What do we understand by freedom? One … Read more

Corazón educador… And the inside of the Person

I recently did a review for the Spanish Journal of Pedagogy on an essay entitled Corazón Educador by Jaume Camps, a former professor I had at the university. The book highlights that behind many educators we find something immaterial, an intangible that is often called vocation. This is defined and perceived by the testimony of many teachers over time: what gives fullness, … Read more


How do you become YOURSELF? We all know the sayings that light up on postcards, T-shirts and Instagram. Be yourself! Or, to paraphrase Coco Chanel: “La beauté commence au moment où vous décidez d’être vous-même!” – just – how do you do that? This text by a 16-year-old philosopher – because that’s what she is … Read more