Freedom: about what demands and the courage to change

A 16-year-old philosopher sticks her finger in the wound: What does it mean that we are afraid of change? She watches, reads seemingly insignificant things like her PC keyboard, and asks questions that any person should be asking. Precisely because it is HUMAN, unique and inimitable …  

Why do we want freedom? What do we understand by freedom? One out of two people in Germany would say that freedom is to hang out, partying at a club until 4am or finally legally drinking alcohol at 18 and driving a car alone. For many people, freedom is the fulfillment of wishes that have mostly been limited by others. But what is really freedom? Freedom can be different for everyone. It is always different because we all live in different environments. An average young man in Germany would say: certainly to become independent at the age of 18 and no longer listen to the parents. A child from Syria would surely say: go out to play without fear. Everyone can freely shape their own idea of ​​freedom. But putting it into practice is the crux of the matter .

Fear does not give you freedom, but with freedom there’s no fear. You must fight for what you want most, but who really does it? As humans something keeps us stuck: fear of what may happen. But freedom arises where we stick together. We could all fight together. For us, for our loved ones, also for our fellow men. But let’s be honest: how many of you would stand up and fight for others? How many of you would speak for others and seek justice? Few, right? Why? Because we only think of ourselves and never of others. But if we ourselves are in the situation: Who will come and lend a hand? In the end, no one can change if they don’t want to and no one can be persuaded to change. It has to come from the heart. Freedom arises from the heart and also ends in the heart. We have a heart to love. But what percentage turns into love? Love exists when we are free. 

Freedom is not only found in the outside world. We first have to find freedom in ourselves. Where is she? Tell me, where do I find this freedom in me? Cause I cannot find it. Why can’t I find it and why isn’t it easy to find? No, it’s not that simple. Because we hide our own freedom. We lock them in a black box and throw them into the infinite sea of ​​pain. We do not let our inner freedom escape because we are afraid. Afraid of living according to our ideas and wishes. We have drawn the curtain so that no one can see our true colors, but we do not have the freedom to be who we want to be. But we are afraid. What is this fear that holds us back? We sit in the corner and don’t dare to get up. We do not want to be judged and we pretend to be others. We put on the fake mask and show that we are like everyone else. Usually seemingly selfish, hopeless as everyone claims to be, even though we are all unique.

Do not cut the thorns of the rose, because then it no longer bears the name rose. We allow our spines to be pruned, even though it is our trademark. We allow our freedom to be simply cut off. Freedom is the most valuable thing in the world, many do not have it and many waste it. Don’t waste it or you will lose it one day. Don’t let them take away your freedom. Many people want to release their inner freedom, but they have missed their chance and are waiting for the next train. It will be a long time before it arrives. You can still catch the train. And you can take the best path. No one can give you a ticket to wonderland for free. You have to work hard for yourself and buy it. In the end, it is even more valuable. I do not mean that you should remove a friendly hand, on the contrary, accept it and go on the road together. Find someone who will fight for your inner and outer freedom. Someone who accepts you for who you are and stops everyone else. 

On a computer keyboard, the only readable word is WERT (from german: courage) COURAGE, which is formed randomly, so to speak. The only four letters that were unconsciously put together. You are worth so that God does not destroy the world. Your life is worth it! There is value in being free. Close your eyes for a minute and you won’t see anything. You don’t see anyone laughing at you and you don’t care … so why not try with your eyes open? Give yourself the push to be free and ignore everything else. Happiness can hurt, but the end result is always beautiful. 

Sufloon, 16 years old 

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