Number 1: confusion and dilemma that it generates

If you don’t look for more than one solution, you end up disabled

→ The first alternative is not the only solution.   

I present a classic writing that concludes with the moral:

“Don’t complicate your work!

Conceive the simplest solution to the PROBLEM.

Learn to focus on SOLUTIONS and not on PROBLEMS. “

The question is deeper: if you don’t look for more than one solution, you’d end up disabled.

When we have to solve any problem or make a decision, we are always presented with a first option.

→ If we don’t look for another, this first one becomes the only one.      

When we mentally represent the first, the number 1 comes to us. The same number also appears in our imagination when we symbolize the only one.

→ This is where the mess comes from: without being aware, we confuse the first with the only one.      

The consequences that follow are very negative and disabling.

If it is the only one, in practice:

  • another solution cannot be observed, nor be intuited;
  • what is evident and present cannot be seen.
  • a closure of mind arises blocking the listening of advice;
  • there’s persistence, with hints of aggressiveness, in holding it as the only so there is no alternative;
  • failure of common sense and the ability to discern;
  • the imagination fades away, without creativity;
  • alternatives that served at another time are forgotten;
  • the ability to grasp what is appropriate gets inhibited.

Therefore, before running a solution, it is necessary to:

✔banish laziness and find more options;      

waste time discovering other choices;      

✔not to get carried away by precipitation;      

✔make sure that there are more alternatives and they have to be found.      

When there’s a lack of security and confidence, as it happens in ADHD, there’s usually precipitation when choosing the first alternative presented, with the negative and disabling consequences that arise from not being aware of the ambiguous with the only one.

Jaume Arnau Carbonés

The “B Plan”… do the SIMPLEST thing and BE ALWAYS POSITIVE!!!!  

Problem 01.
When NASA began launching astronauts into space, they discovered that pens would not work without gravity (or with zero gravity), because the ink would not go down to the surface where you wanted to write.
Solution A) To solve this problem, it took them 6 years and 12 million dollars. They developed a pen that worked: under zero gravity, upside down, underwater, on virtually any surface including glass, and in a temperature range from below freezing to over 300 degrees Celsius. 
Solution B) And what did the Russians do? The Russians used a pencil! 
Problem 02.
One of the most memorable case studies of Japanese management was the case of the empty soap box, which occurred in one of the largest cosmetic companies in Japan. The company received a complaint from a consumer who bought a soap box and it was empty. Authorities immediately isolated the problem to the assembly line, which transported all the packed boxes of soap to the delivery department. For some reason, a soap box went empty through the assembly line. Senior officials asked their engineers to find a good and quick solution to the problem.
Solution A) Immediately, the engineers went to work to devise an X-ray machine with high resolution monitors manned by two people to monitor all the soap boxes that passed through the line to make sure they were not empty. Certainly, they worked hard and fast. 
Solution B) When a common employee in a small company was presented with the same problem, he did not get into complications from X-rays, robots or any complicated computer equipment. Instead, he came up with another solution: He bought a powerful industrial fan and pointed it toward the assembly line. He turned on the fan, and as each box went through the fan, the empty ones just flew off the production line. 
Problem 03.
A hotel magnate travelled to a Hindu city for the second time, a year after his first trip. When he arrived at the counter of a hotel that was inferior in stars to those of his chain, the employee smiled at him and greeted him saying: welcome again sir, good to see you back at our hotel; greatly surprised since despite being such an important person, he likes anonymity and the employee would hardly have such a good memory to know that he was there a year before, he wanted to impose the same system on his hotel chain since that simple gesture made him feel great. Upon his return he immediately put his employees to work on this matter to find a solution to his request.
Solution A) The solution was to find the best software with face recognition, database, special cameras, response time in micro seconds, employee training, etc. With an approximate cost of 2.5 million dollars. 
Solution B) The tycoon preferred to travel again and bribe the employee of that hotel to reveal the technology they apply. The employee did not accept any bribery, but humbly commented to the tycoon how they did it. He said: “Look sir, we have an arrangement with the taxi drivers who brought you here, they ask you if you have already stayed at the hotel where you are being taken to, and if you have, then when the taxi driver leaves the luggage here at the counter, he gives us a signal, and so he earns a dollar. ”   

Moral: Don’t complicate your work! Conceive the simplest solution to the PROBLEM. Learn to focus on SOLUTIONS and not on PROBLEMS. 

  I really liked this message, I’ll surely read it more than once….    Always positive! Never negative!    The son who often does not clean his room and watches television, means that … He is at home!    The mess that I have to clean up after a party, It means that …  We were surrounded by family or friends!    Clothes that are tight, It means that … I have more than enough to eat!    The effort that takes me to clean the house,  means that …  I have a house!   I can’t find parking, it means …  I own a car!    The noises of the city, It means that … I can hear!    Tiredness at the end of the day, It means …  I can work!    The alarm clock that wakes me up every morning, It means that …  I’m alive!    Finally, from the messages I receive, It means that … I have friends thinking of me! 


There is always a “B” Plan!!!!                                    

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