Puff the magic dragon: loneliness.

Puff the Magic Dragon is an American folk song based on a poem that has become part of the popular culture in many countries. I have sung it many times with my students at school and it always evokes a magical and nostalgic atmosphere.

Its lyrics suggest we talk today about loneliness.

One can be alone or just feel alone. We shall learn how to be alone with ourselves, to be comfortable with ourselves in order to be ready to meet the others. When one feels a deep inner loneliness (feeling alone) this generates a lack of confidence and security, which are self-manifestations and really ingrained within a person suffering from ADHD.

Sometimes there are those who seek the company of others with craving and anxiety so as to quench their deep loneliness and mental worries. But that just doesn’t solve the problem.

Resolving this insecurity must be countered with confidence, just as laziness is resolved with diligence, chaos with order, and so on.

We all need, especially in the beginning of our lives, to feel the presence and company of others. To walk together. When one’s environment does not convey accompaniment and attention, the person begins to walk alone and feel alone in this world. That fact usually generates a lack of trust and insecurity.

Let’s bring out the importance of parents / first people in the immediate person’s surroundings: it is vital and determinant to provide young children with care and attention, to be present in a full and a total way.

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